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Product Queries

What does Vuka mean?
Vuka means “wake up” in Zulu.
Are there any preservatives in Vuka?
Nope. There are no preservatives and no artificial ingredients.
When should you drink Vuka?
You can drink Vuka energy drinks during any part of the day when you need a little boost. Each drink is specifically formulated for different energy occasions.
How much caffeine is in Vuka energy drinks?
An 8oz serving of Vuka contains 80mg of natural caffeine. A full bottle of Vuka contains 160mg of natural caffeine. That's around the same as a popular brand latte.
Is there a zero calorie version of Vuka?
Why yes there is! We have recently launched our line of Vuka ZO-CAL zero calorie drinks, available in Workout and Think. They are sweetened with natural Stevia. The drinks are currently making their way onto shelf at your favorite retailer, so be sure to ask for Vuka ZO-CAL if it's not yet there. You can also order online.
Can I recycle my Vuka bottle?
Yes please! Our bottles are made with aluminum and are completely recyclable. Consumers in states with cash redemption programs should follow normal refund procedures. Vuka bottles are also reusable, so feel free to fill them up with water and stay hydrated!

Shipping & Delivery

Where do we ship?
We'll send your Vuka anywhere in the contiguous United States (no shipping to AK, HI). If you're elsewhere, email us at and we'll let you know when we can ship to your area.

Product Ordering

Where can I find Vuka Intelligent Energy?
Vuka is available across most parts of the USA in various stores. Visit our store locator to find a retailer near you. Vuka is also available online in variety and single flavor cases of 12.
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